Saturday, January 9, 2010

Organic Gardening Workshop

Start an entire greenhouse full of plants (over 80 varieties) and take home HUNDREDS at the end of the six week course!!
◊ Topics covered (hands on format!) include: Making potting soils, soil test analysis, greenhouse management, propagation from seed, woody plant propagation, insect and disease management, organic fertilizers, herbicides and pesticides, fruit trees and more


COST: $275 covers seeds, soil, ammendments, flats, plug trays etc; basically everything we need to start an entire greenhouse full of plants!

Currently enrolled student: 10% off
Early Bird Special (enroll before March 1st): 10% off
Enroll with a friend: find a friend to enroll with and you both receive 15% off! BEST VALUE!!

Payment plans available!
Work trades available! (call 828-273-9141)

Make Checks Payable to:
Joseph Allawos
518 sugar creek rd
leicester, NC 28748

As soon as we receive payment, you will be notified that you are officially enrolled in the class!

CALL FOR MORE INFO: 828-273-9141 or email at

About the instructor: Joseph Allawos holds a Master of Science Degree in Botany, with emphasis in agriculture, horticulture and native plants of the Blue Ridge Province. He also has 15 years of practical experience as an organic farmer. He is also a full time instructor of Botany at Asheville Buncombe College.


  1. Hi Joe,

    I took your organic intensive in 2008 and wanted to give you some feedback on some of the starts you gave us.

    You’ll be glad to know that the Beatrice eggplant from this year yielded a record crop: over a dozen gorgeous eggplant on each plant. I've tried eggplant every year up to now and have never been able to grow them until the starts from your "secret" seed starting mix.
    All the yellow tomatoes had at least 40 tomatoes per plant. Not sure the name of one of the yellow slicers you gave out (those damn tiny markers disappeared or the print vanished), but at least 3 of those plants grew to be over 8 feet tall and had over 100 tomatoes on each plant. I’ve never seen anything like it. Finally, those long Italian peppers did incredibly well.

    I've saved the seeds from all the starts you gave us, so this year's garden is mostly free.

    In any case, just wanted you to know that your course was immensly helpful for me, and I've been gardening for over 20 years. After the course was over, I was re-energized and put in a mini-orchard (wish me luck on organic apples) including the varieties you recommended for cherries, figs, and pears. We’ll see.

    Thanks again, Joe.

    Sheila Dunn
    Weaverville, NC

  2. Thanks sheila, for your imput. We actually posted the photo you sent me of your harvest. Beatrice was one of our favorites last year as well!
    The folks at Sugar Creek Farm

  3. I took Joe's organic gardening class last year and enjoyed every minute of it! Driving out to Sugar Creek Farm every Saturday was like a mini-vaction. I have gardened all my life, but wanted to learn organic gardening. I learned that, and much more. Every week was packed full of interesting discussion and demonstration. The classes are a great combination of practical knowledge and "get-in-the-fields" see for yourself learning. We made our own soil mixes, planted seeds, and took hundreds of plants home to grow in our own gardens. All my plants produced bumper crops, even through the drought. In September, I canned many quarts of tomato sauce, pepper relish, and salsa.
    Thanks for a great class, Joe!
    Sherian Howard
    Asheville, NC